Journal 6

Prompt 2.
Rules: Every stanza begins and ends with the same word (begins with “she” and ends with “leave”). The last stanza breaks this rule for emphasis.




She was what you would call a rebel.
A storm with a rebel heart,
and a gypsy soul,
perfectly conditioned to do,
what she did best. Leave.

She was born with a restlessness,
so deeply embedded in the core of her being,
that sometimes I wonder,
if she could ever be tamed.
Patience is a virtue, and it was her forte.
Just leave.

She was always waiting,
for something.
Time had planted a longing in her,
and that is a weed that never stops growing.
She has to leave.

She always seemed careless.
Her smile was the peak of her bloom,
ând my God,
how rare it is,
to see spectacular flowers blossom,
in the winter cold.
But she left.